Hi, and welcome to DigitalNomadPath.  I put this site together to track my progress building passive income online.  I have multiple goals in doing so.

To Motivate Me

Putting it out there, I am making my success and failure public.  More than that, I am creating incentive to work harder and more aggressively towards my goals.  If I were working away privately, I could easily convince myself I am too busy and take a month off, turning into two or three.  By posting my progress as I go, it will motivate me to keep momentum going every week.

To Inspire You

A major inspiration for my journey was Sharon Gourlay’s “Digital Nomad Wannabe” website.  I had seen other nomad blogs but none of them started at stage zero the way Sharon did.  She shared everything along the way and has succeeded tremendously.

This blog will try to do the same thing, but the journey will also be different for me.  To start, niche site building is not as easy as it once was and PBNs (personal blog networks) have become riskier as a link building strategy.  I will probably lean more towards authority sites that take more work.

My Life

My situation is quite different from actual digital nomads.  I will not be living off coconuts in paradise.  I live in a major city with my wife and we have a decent household income already.

On the one hand, this lets me work from a strong position.  I don’t have to worry about rent or how I am going to pay for food.  On the other hand, the sense of urgency a head-first approach creates is missing.  The danger for me is that I can’t keep up the level of effort of someone who has no safety net.